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5 Tips on How to Sell Tattoo Flash Art

Are you a tattoo artist who wants to sell new tattoo designs and tattoo flash arts? Although it will be a tough beginning for you as a newbie in this market, you will be able to sell your very own tattoo designs as long as they are unique, attractive and pleasing to the eyes of your target customers. Of course, having eye-catching tattoo flash art and designs won’t do you good if you don’t apply effective selling strategies. Well, there are a number of ways you can sell tattoo flash art, which include:

Tip 1: Open a tattoo shop of your own.

For professional tattoo artists who would like to tattoo their customers right after they choose the design they like, building your very own tattoo shop is a good way to sell tattoo flash art. Display your tattoo flash art on tattoo flash display racks for your customers to view. Also, prepare laminated and full-sized versions in a huge portfolio case. However, if you don’t have enough money to invest on this big business move, then you can move on to the next tip.

Tip 2: Collaborate with other tattoo shops and professional tattoo artists.

In order to sell tattoo designs in flash art form, you can market your tattoo designs by contacting other tattoo pros and displaying your them on their tattoo stores. The more shops that display your tattoo designs, the more earnings you will get.

Tip 3: Visit various tattoo conventions and tattoo-related events.

There are many opportunities that you can grasp when you join tattoo conventions. First, you may open a booth and display your tattoo flash art on portable display racks. Second, you can make friends with other tattoo artists and enthusiasts during the convention, and then ask them if they could help you with your new business. Third, you may enter the grand tattoo contests during the event, and let other people get mesmerized by your unique and breathtaking tattoo flash arts.

Tip 4: Sell them on the Internet.

In order to sell tattoos more effectively, why not bring your business online? You may create your own website either through joining free web hosting or purchasing a web domain. If you choose free web hosting sites like webs.com, your website URL will turn out to be “www.businessname.webs.com”. On the other hand, buying your own domain for less than $20 will eliminate the domain extension, and just give you “www.businessname.com”. Take note that the second option is far better than the first because this gives the customers an impression that your website is “legit and professional”.

Tip 5: Advertise through tattoo magazines.

Usually, tattoo magazines allot some ad spaces on their material which you can pay for in order to place samples of your tattoo flash arts. For sure, many tattoo artists and enthusiasts would contact you upon viewing your designs on tattoo magazines since getting accepted to advertise on these mags imply that your business is legitimate.

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